Datasea Company Update_03.10.2021

Shuhai Zhangxun’s 5G messaging platforms currently consist of Digital Middle Platform” and “SaaS New Marketing Middle Platform”. By building cloud service platforms suchas “Digital Middle Platform” and “SaaS New Marketing Middle Platform”, Shuhai Zhangxun hopes to use data to empower marketing, drive user growth, lead enterprises to achieve digital innovation, and help enterprises create long-term value for clients.

The Digital Middle Platform has basic capabilities such as data collection, data storage, and ETL, which provide data capabilities for the SaaS New Marketing Middle Platform. To be more specific, data collection function can collect data generated by the user, data stored in the database, and third-party related data. Data storage function includes the storage of the collected data and the processed data in the aim to benefiting data analysis and data mining.

SaaS New Marketing Middle Platform includes a messaging center, a risk control center, a user center, a financial center, and an open interface center. The functions of each center can make the capabilities provided by the PaaS platform more cohesive, flexible, and open to meet the needs of different customers. With multi-dimensional requirements, customers can use and access PaaS capabilities based on their own demand.

· The messaging center can be used for functions such as sending short messages, video messages, and 5G messages. It also has      capabilities like template production and Chatbot customization.
· The risk control center is designed to ensure message security and compliance, which can be conducted in a manner of manual review or intelligent review.
· The user center is one of the core centers, with functions such as account
management, role management, user management, and blacklist function.
· The financial center has developed functions such as recharging, account reconciliation, and reporting.
· The open interface center is the open capability of the platform. The open interface can also be used for the application of the open capability.