Datasea Company Update_4.23.2021

Recently, Datasea sent out a team at the helm of smart community security solutions to Zhonghuafu in Baoding City, Hebei Province, a residential community developed by Huayuan Property. The team looked in on the community and presented Datasea’s solutions in creating a safer and smarter community.

On April 22, Datasea’s smart community security solution team paid a visit to Tianhaoyuan and Tianchunyuan in Tianjin, two residential communities managed by Tianjin Country Garden Property to collect more details and pave way for the subsequent on-site installation.

Datasea values customer experience and provides customized suctions. Datasea’s subsidiary Heilongjiang Xunrui Technology, which formed to focus on research and development of new technologies and products, visited Heilongjiang Wanchen Engineering Management and conducted on-site research. The two companies communicated on how potential cooperation could assist the Wanchen with the needs in pedestrian management, vehicle management, equipment and facility management, etc.