Datasea company update_11.17.2021

Datasea diversified customer base and 5G Messaging products added new client

Recently, Datasea’s subsidiary Shuhai Zhangxun added new client, the Administration Committee of Putuo Mountain Scenic Area. The cooperation authorized Shuhai Zhangxun to develop 5G messaging application for Putuo Mountain Scenic Area and marked that Datasea’s 5G Messaging products could be customized and applied in various industries including tourism.

Shuhai Zhangxun’s 5G Messaging products will enable and assist Putuo Mountain Scenic Area to accurately promote tourist services, distribute relevant information such as ticket price to target customers. Meanwhile, the management of Putuo Mountain Scenic Area will also have access to the marketing tools and analysis included in the products. At the same time, Shuhai Zhangxun will integrate 5G messaging services, AI voice, and smartphones through multiple channels (WeChat public accounts, apps, etc.) to form an aggregation platform model to establish a private relationship with consumers and provide customized information.

Putuo Mountain Scenic Area is one of the four sacred Buddhist Mountains in China, and an AAAAA National Tourist Area. Every year, it attracts nearly 10 million tourists to pay a visit. Datasea’s 5G Messaging solutions are currently adopted by customers across industries, including express delivery, food and catering, technology and tourism, and can be customized to more types of companies with marketing needs.