Acoustic Intelligence

Datasea's Intelligent Acoustic Segment


Building on Datasea’s advanced acoustic intelligence technology, the Company developed five models under the brand “Hailijia”, including products meant for in-vehicle sterilization and deodorization, restroom sterilization and deodorization, air disinfection, and air disinfection and sterilization meant for locations such as hospitals, airports, logistics warehouses, cold chain transportation, and home care.
Major Offerings of “Hailijia” series of air sterilization and disinfection devices include:
① 40KHz ultrasonic high-speed coupling effect, thermal cavitation effect completely disinfection sterilization virus bacteria for 360 degrees
② Ultrasonic man-machine coexistence, non-toxic radiation free, disinfection sterilization is safer
③ Auxiliary photocatalyst, UVC ultraviolet technology and total filtration technology
④ Effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC and harmful substances
⑤ Real-time display of air quality, intelligent adjustment mode.Built-in night light, timing, sleep, child lock, WiFi intelligent control, support touch+remote control function
The Company, together with MIIT, Key Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence Key Technology and Application Evaluation and Informatization, CAICT Cloud Computing & Big Data Research Institute, released China’s inaugural white paper on the acoustic intelligence industry.
The paper shares compelling analyses and fact findings on acoustic intelligence technology, the commercialization of the technology, and the industry outlook. 

Test Results

The test results show that Datasea’s Ultrasonic Sound Sterilization and Antivirus Equipment (the “Device”) has achieved 99.83% disinfection with SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that is known to cause COVID-19) in just nine seconds.