Core Technologies

Effectively use the mechanical effect, thermal effect, cavitation effect and other physical characteristics of ultrasound as well as the superposition of chemical effects, under ultrasound excitation the coronavirus and microorganisms will vibrate, and the amplitude of that vibration will be very large, producing strains that could break certain parts of the virus, doing damage to the outer shell and to the RNA inside. Eventually, the high-speed movement of the proton of ultrasound can destroy the formation of microorganisms and can kill bacteria and virus effectively.
Visual and Non-visual fusion perception algorithms

Advanced Imagery Technology Functions

Multi-scale infrared imaging pre-processing
Dynamic wide temperature image enhancement
Environment adaptive imaging
Image-position-based disaster alarming

Non-visual behavior analysis algorithm

Datasea forms visual + non-visual fusion perception through the collection and aggregation of multi-modal intelligent perception terminal information such as vision, sound, touch, etc.
The cloud platform system composed of data, algorithms and computing power realizes the safe brain of autonomous cognitive decision-making, according to the scene. Intelligent response terminal equipment is used to provide smart city related services to various customers.