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Datasea (Nasdaq: DTSS) is engaged in three converging and innovative industries: smart city, acoustic intelligence and 5G messaging. We Leverage facial recognition technology and other visual intelligence algorithms, combined with cutting-edge acoustic and non-visual intelligence algorithms, to provide smart city solutions that meet the security needs of residential communities, schools and commercial enterprises. Most recently, in response to the growing utilization of 5G technologies and the overall initiative to utilize Datasea’s technology capabilities to achieve the expansion of business coverage and revenue resources, China's mainstream telecom operators jointly launched the 5G Rich Communication Service industry, and we have also strategically expanded our business coverage to 5G messaging and smart payment solutions.

The research and development of technology plays a vital role for the Company and is what makes us different. The Company does not only have visual intelligent algorithms such as facial recognition technology, but also develops non-visual intelligent algorithms like acoustic intelligence. Together with artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics capability, our solutions does not only provide visibility, but also identify the behavioural pattern and then use alerts to manage the situation actively. We create new opportunities for everything from intelligent detection to proactive optimization. The non-visual intelligent algorithms such as acoustic intelligence are the future of the smart security industry.

You may contact DTSS’s investor relation representative by calling at 646-866-7989 or by sending an email to datasea@iecapitalusa.com

Datasea was incorporated in the State of Nevada on September 26, 2014 under the name Rose Rock Inc. and changed its name to Datasea Inc. on May 27, 2015 by amending its articles of incorporation.

DTSS’s headquarter is located at 20th Floor, Tower B, Guorui Plaza, 1 Ronghua South Road, Technological Development Zone, Beijing, People's Republic of China.

Datasea Inc. is traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol DTSS. The CUSIP number for Datasea Inc’s common stock is 238116206.

Datasea operates on a fiscal year that runs from July 1 to June 30. Quarter-ends are: September 30 (Q1), December 31 (Q2), March 31 (Q3) and June 30 (Q4).

Datasea’s common stock is quoted on the OTCQB Market operated by OTC Markets Group, Inc. under the symbol “DTSS” since April 2016. Our common stock has benn approved to be listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol “DTSS”, subject to notice of issuance.

Please reference our latest financial results for the company’s current number of shares outstanding.

To review Datasea’s corporate governance guidelines and related information, please go to the “Governance” section of Datasea’s IR website.

Our latest PowerPoint presentation is available for viewing and downloading on our IR website.

To receive all press releases and other financial reports via e-mail or to automatically receive e-mail alerts for the information categories that interest you, please send email to investorrelations@shuhaixinxi.com to subscribe.

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