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Datasea Inc., was incorporated in Nevada in 2014 and was listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market in December 2018 under the symbol DTSS. Datasea is a leading provider of products, services, and solutions for enterprise and retail customers in converging and innovative industries, Intelligent Acoustics and 5G messaging business, especially focusing on ultrasonic, infrasound and directional sound technology. Datasea leverages cutting-edge technologies in the realm of intelligent acoustics, especially harnessing the power of ultrasonic sterilization to combat viruses and prevent human infections. Alongside this, the Company delves into innovations in directional sound and medical ultrasonic cosmetology. With a diverse product lineup, Datasea is devoted to enhancing the quality of life using sound-based solutions.

In a strategic move to mark its presence in the global arena, Datasea established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Datasea Acoustics LLC, in Delaware, USA, on July 31, 2023. This venture underlines Datasea's dedication to "Intelligent Acoustics" and marks its ambition to offer avant-garde antiviral acoustic solutions at ultrasonic disinfection and sterilization, ultrasonic cosmetology, acoustic medical care, and acoustic agriculture to the US and international market to reach a wider consumer audience. Simultaneously, the establishment of production, assembly, and sales channels, coupled with the reinforcement of technological enhancements and collaborations with international technology laboratories, augments the prospects for the enduring progress of Datasea Acoustics LLC.

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