Company Profile

Datasea Inc. (the “Company” or “Datasea”) is a publicly traded entity with the ticker symbol DTSS on the Nasdaq Capital Market. It was incorporated in Nevada on September 26, 2014.

The vision of Datasea is to become a multinational conglomerate in a decade through the mission of innovating and providing advanced technology to business and retail customers.

The company possesses cutting-edge products and solutions in three industries: 5G messaging, acoustic intelligence and smart city. Up to date, Datasea, Shuhai Beijing and its subsidiaries own 9 Patents and 47 Software Copyrights, with 12 patents applications pending in core technologies to empower and grow our business.

News and Events

  • Datasea Announces Sales Model Enhancement and Forges New Marketing Partnership to Expand Distributio

  • Datasea company update_03.21.2022


  • Datasea company update_03.11.2022

    On March 10, 2022, the CTO and a team of Heilongjiang Xunrui, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Datasea, visited China Mobile Group Heilongjiang Company, introduced and presented Datase···

  • Datasea hosts a conference call and webcast for financial results of Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2022

    Datasea hosts a conference call and webcast to discuss its financial results of Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2022 on Monday, February 14, 2022.

  • Datasea company update_1.13

    Dataseaco-hostedthefirstworkshoptodrafttheGeneralTechnicalRequirementsfor5GMessagingApplicationinExpressIndustry Datasea Inc. (NASDAQ: DTSS) is a digital technology company engaged···

  • Datasea company update_1.11

    More companies authorize Datasea to be their 5G messaging partner and develop a marketing cloud platform Recentlyelevencompaniesspanningfrome-commerce,manufacturing,andtheculturali···

  • Datasea company update_12.28.2021

    China Mobile included Dataseas products in the top ten 5G messaging application and conduct online promotion Datasea has been working with different partners to promote its 5G mess···

  • Datasea company update_12.27.21

    Alibaba logistics unit Cainiao joined in drafting General Technical Requirements for 5G Messaging Application in Express Industry initiated by Datasea. Datasea Inc. (NASDAQ: DTSS) ···

  • Datasea company update_12.20.21

    Datasea Unlocks Marketing and Client Communication Enhancements Leveraging 5G Messaging services Dataseas technical advantages, products, and comprehensive team capabilities in 5G ···

  • Datasea company update_12.13

    Datasea keeps expanding its client portfolio and demonstrates the ability to empower company marketing with 5G messaging services Dataseas 5G messaging services can be adopted by c···

  • Datasea Company Update_12.06.2021

    DataseabecameaCertifiedServicePartneroftheZhejiangbranchofChinaMobile InNovember2021,afterbeingselectedasaCertifiedServicePartner(CSP)oftheJiangsubranchofChinaMobile,Datasearecentl···

  • Datasea company update_11.17.2021

    Recently, Dataseas subsidiary Shuhai Zhangxun added new client, the Administration Committee of Putuo Mountain Scenic Area. The cooperation authorized Shuhai Zhangxun to develop 5G···

  • Datase company update_10.11.2021

    Chen Dehua, director of the Ultrasound Laboratory of the Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his core team recently visited Datasea In Beijing. CEO of Datasea,···

  • Datasea company update_9.27.21

    The finals of the 4th Bloom Cup 5G Application Contest, jointly sponsored bythe China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and ChinaAssociation of Communications En···

  • Datasea company update_8.24.2021

    In the recent national 4th Blooming Cup 5G Application contest sponsored by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and China Association of Communications E···

  • Datasea company update_8.3.2021

    Datasea named finalist in the Guangxi 5G Messaging Application Competition The Guangxi 5G Messaging Application Competition attracted 71 companies from 9 industries to participate.···

  • Datasea company update_7.15.2021

    Datasea reinforced the 5G messaging offerings in the express industry as the cooperation with National Engineering Laboratory for Logistics Information Technology and ZTO Express b···

  • Datasea Company Update_6.22.2021

    Shuhai Zhangxun Management team delivered a keynote speech at the Asia-pacific 5G Messaging Application Conference At the Asia-pacific 5G Messaging Application Conference, Yan Jun,···

  • Datasea company update_6.2.2021

    On June 1, 2021, Datasea co-held Blue Ocean Covenant, Win the Future 5G Messaging application and products conference, with the China Communications Industry Association 5G Special···

  • Datasea company update_5.24.2021

    Datasea was chosen as a smart city project partner of China Unicom Heilongjiang Company On May 21, 2021, China Unicoms official website announced the China Unicom (Heilongjiang) In···