Press Release

2022-08-09 Datasea Continues Business Momentum with Eight New Orders for Its Smart Push 5G Messaging Solution
2022-07-25 Datasea’s Ultrasonic Sound Sterilization and Antivirus Equipment Confirmed by Leading Lab Achieved a
2022-07-18 Datasea Enters into a $22.3 Million Purchase Agreement to Provide 5G Messaging Services
2022-06-29 Datasea Marketing Solution Smart Push of 5G Messaging Drives Consumer Growth for Enterprise Clients
2022-06-06 Datasea Announces a $14.99 Million Procurement Agreement to Supply 5G Messaging Services_finalized
2022-05-24 Datasea Announces Sales Model Enhancement and Forges New Marketing Partnership to Expand Distributio
2022-05-16 Datasea Reports Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2022 Earnings and Provides Business Updates
2022-04-13 Datasea Announces New Collaborations to Help Expand Distribution in the North and South America
2022-04-06 Datasea Enters into a $7.88 Million Procurement Agreement to Provide 5G Messaging Smart City Solutio
2022-03-29 Datasea's Collaboration with Guangdong Canbo_finalized
2022-03-23 Datasea Announces Business Cooperation Agreement with Unicorner to Expand Distribution in the U.S.
2022-03-16 Datasea Launches Ultrasonic Sound Sterilization and Antivirus Equipment to Help Combat Covid-19 and
2022-03-11 Datasea Launches New Product and Deepens Cooperation with Operators to Deliver Complete 5G Messaging
2022-02-11 Datasea Reports Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2022 Earnings and Provides Business Updates
2022-01-18 Datasea Announces Research Partnerships Focus on Acoustic Intelligence and Releases China’s Inaugura
2021-12-10 Datasea Assisted ZTO with Chinas First Delivery Order Placement through 5G Messaging Services
2021-11-19 Datasea Enters into a $378K Procurement Contract to Provide Cloud Property Management Services_final
2021-11-16 Datasea Announces Participation in the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit_finalized
2021-10-25 Datasea Enters into a $4.67 Million Procurement Contract to ProvideShort Message and 5G Multimedia M
2021-10-25 Datasea Signs $3.87 Million Procurement Contract for Short Message and 5G Multimedia Message Service
2021-09-13 Datasea Announces a $4.33 Million New Contract to Provide Short Message and 5G Multimedia Message Se
2021-08-13 Datasea to Participate at the Upcoming Q3 Virtual Investor Summit
2021-07-14 Datasea’s Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Entered Into Several Purchase and Distribution Agreements and Furt
2021-06-29 Datasea Announces the Cooperation with National Engineering Laboratory for Logistics Information Tec
2021-06-07 Datasea’s Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Launched 5G Messaging Product Version 3.0 and Entered Into Several
2021-06-02 Datasea Announces Obtainment of Authorization from ZTO Express to develop 5G messaging application
2021-05-18 Datasea Announces Strategic Partnership With the Objective of Providing Smart Community Services to
2021-05-11 Datasea?Announces?Participation?in?the?Q2?Virtual?Investor?Summit
2021-05-10 Datasea Announces Cooperation with a Major Distributor With the Objective of Providing 5G Messaging
2021-04-28 Datasea Introduces Chatbot on the 5G Message-Marketing Cloud Platform
2021-04-22 Datasea Announces the Launch Of a New 5G Messaging Product
2021-02-12 Datasea and its Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Enter into Several Agreements to Provide Smart Community Sec
2021-02-04 Datasea’s Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Company Entered Into Two Agreements to Provide Smart Point-of-Sal
2021-01-14 Datasea Announces the Establishment of a New Company to Focus on the 5G Opportunities and Related V
2020-12-18 Datasea PR_Datasea Enters Into an Agreement with Zhejiang Kecai to Provide Smart Consumptive Payment
2020-11-18 Datasea Signs Five Service Agreements to Implement its Smart Information Service System in the Reta
2020-09-28 Datasea Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2020 Results
2020-09-10 Datasea Signs Six Service Agreements to Implement its Smart Information Service System in Guangdong
2020-08-17 Datasea Enters into a Cooperation Framework Agreement with China Africa Friendship Town Investment G
2020-08-10 Datasea Receives Second Subsidy from the Harbin Municipal Government to Develop its Safe Campus Man
2020-08-03 Datasea Signs its First Agreement in Beijing, China to Install its Proprietary Monitoring System
2020-07-27 Datasea Signs Agreement to Pilot Safe Campus Intelligent Management and Control Platform at Harbin
2020-07-20 Datasea Selected by Harbin Municipal Government of Heilongjiang Province to Conduct Pilot Projects
2020-05-15 Datasea Reports Fiscal Third Quarter 2020 Results
2020-04-29 Datasea Receives 31 Purchase Orders for Epidemic Prevention and Control Systems from Public Places E
2020-02-18 Datasea Inc. to Present at the 2020 LD Micro Virtual Conference on March 4, 2020
2020-02-18 Datasea Announces Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results
2020-02-12 Datasea to Provide Custom Hardware and Software Solutions to K-12 Schools and Public Communities in
2020-01-30 Datasea Announces Cooperation with Dragon Gate Investment Partners
2019-12-23 Datasea to Ring NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell on Friday, December 27, 2019 in Celebration of List
2019-05-21 Datasea Enters Into Cooperation Agreement to Provide Science Education Products in Primary and Secon
2019-04-09 Datasea Enters into Cooperation Agreement with Zhongchuan Cultural Tourism Development to Provide In
2018-12-28 Datasea Inc. Announces Full Exercise and Closing of Underwriter’s Over-Allotment Option in Public O
2018-12-21 Datasea Inc. Announces Closing of $5.8 Million Firm Commitment Underwritten Public Offering
2018-12-19 Datasea Inc. Announces Pricing of $5.8 Million Underwritten Public Offering of Common Stock and Upli