Datasea company update_03.11.2022

On March 10, 2022, the CTO and a team of Heilongjiang Xunrui, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Datasea, visited China Mobile Group Heilongjiang Company, introduced and presented Datasea’s 5G messaging business.

Xunrui has been engaged in smart city, smart security, and other projects in Heilongjiang for many years and is trusted by institutional clients in various sectors. Relying on the technology capacity of big data, artificial intelligence, and 5G message business of Datasea, Xunrui will explore opportunities with China Mobile Group Heilongjiang Company in two aspects:

First, help with the construction of major industrial customers and provincial platforms of China Mobile Group Heilongjiang Company in 2022. Xunrui will visit again shortly for product design demonstrations, and join the future bidding discussion. 

Second, develop opportunities to work with China Mobile Group Heilongjiang Company and provide information business services for institutional clients.