Datasea company update_12.13

Datasea keeps expanding its client portfolio and demonstrates the ability to empower company marketing with 5G messaging services

Datasea’s 5G messaging services can be adopted by clients in different sectors to promote their products. One of Datasea’s clients, Tianyi Video Media(“Tianyi”), is China Telecom‘s
subsidiary and an industry-leading video content aggregation and distribution platform. Tianyi forms a video content subscription-based, video live broadcast, video cloud service, and video data consulting business model for collaborative development of multiple  businesses.

To promote the Tianyi membership service and increase the subscription, Dataseacustomizes the 5G messaging services to meet its needs. Services include product design and planning, user experience optimization, client targeting, personalized communication,and customer reach expansion.

This is another demonstration which shows that the company’s business capabilities and therecognition of the 5G messaging cloud platform. Datasea not only provides 5G messaging services to a broad range of institutional customers but has also begun to become one of thecore suppliers to assist companies to reach hundreds of millions of mobile phone users in China.