Datasea company update_1.13

     Datasea co-hosted the first workshop to draft the "General Technical Requirements for 5G Messaging Application in Express Industry"

Datasea Inc. (NASDAQ: DTSS) is a digital technology company engaged in three converging and innovative business segments: 5G messaging, acoustic intelligence, and smart city in China.  In June 2021, Datasea cooperated with the National Engineering Laboratory for Logistics Information Technology ("National Engineering Laboratory"), led by YTO Express, to jointly promote the formulation of 5G Messaging standards in the express industry in China. In September 2021, the 5G Messaging standards in the express sector were drafted and submitted to the China Express Association (VEA) for approval.

To complete the drafting and promote the execution of the 5G Messaging standards in the express industry in China, Datasea recently co-hosted the first workshop in Shanghai.Participants include leading express companies and three major operators, such as China Express Association, YTO Express, ZTO Express, STO Express, and SF Express. Companies shared thoughts on the "General Technical Requirements for 5G Messaging Application in Express Industry" group standard version 1.0 during the worksh0p. The workshop speeds up the introduction of industry standards and subsequent implementation of 5G Messaging solutions in  the express delivery industry.