Datasea Company Update_6.22.2021

Shuhai Zhangxun Management team delivered a keynote speech at the Asia-pacific 5G Messaging Application Conference

At the Asia-pacific 5G Messaging Application Conference, Yan Jun, vice president of Shuhai Zhangxun, delivered a keynote speech on "How 5G Messaging Assisting Company Operation in the Inventory Economics".Zhang Zhengmao, CEO of Shuhai Zhangxun, joined the round-table discussion on the topic of "5G Messaging Operation Platform". He also introduced the company's products and other innovative applications and technological breakthroughs in the field of 5G messaging.

The conference was jointly hosted by Zhongshi Tech and ZTE, supported by China Mobile Communications Federation, China Communications Standards Association and three major Chinese mobile network operators. Shuhai Beijing’s Chairman Mr. Fu Liu also attended the conference.

Datasea received 5G Messaging Leadership Company award at the Asia-Pacific 5G Messaging Application Conference

On June 17, Asia-Pacific 5G Message Application Conference was held in Beijing with over 300 participants spanning a wide range in the industry. Datasea received the 5G Messaging Leadership Company award at the conference and was recognized f or the development of 5G
 messaging solutions, technology innovation,  value creation for business users and leadership in
 the industry through the all-inclusive 5G message-marketing cloud platform.

Datasea joined Shentong, YTO and other companies to jointly promote the 5G messaging standard in the express industry

In the opening ceremony of the 5G Messaging Logistics and Express Industry Working Committee, Shuhai Zhangxun was recognized as the secretary member, and will work with Shentong, YTO and other companies to jointly promote the 5G messaging standard, digitalization and product adoption across the industry.